EnFin GmbH is the world-wide only manufacturer of ready-to-use enzymatic Test
Kits for detection of fast growing aerotolerant anaerobic (mammalian) cells. 

Our vision is to align therapy of human diseases with the presence of aerotolerant anaerobic cells. The development of our products is compliant with the EU regulatory framework.

The technology was awarded with the German State Research Prize for Applied Research 2016.

Orders for EnFin Anaerobic Growth Kit for Detection of Aerotolerant Anaerobic Cells may be placed by contacting our Sales Department at:

EnFin GmbH
Quinkestra├če 23
69120 Heidelberg, Germany

Phone: 0049-6221-5639917 

Fax: 0049-6221-564378

Email: sales@enfin-labs.de